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Restaurant Cleaner that's spot on!

A safer and more efficient way to clean restaurants

High demands of cleaning restaurants

High traffic areas

The highly-demanding commercial settings, such as restaurants, and bars, can involve seemingly endless scrubbing, mopping, wiping, and use of cleaning chemicals. Such cleaning processes can cause unnecessary waste of time and money. This is why you need to look at the innovative vapor steam cleaning machines that SJH GreenSteam currently has available for a the different types of commercial cleaning processes.

The Extreme Green Clean!  Let a GreenSteam machine, take care of your restaurant cleaning problems with real solutions.  Take a look at what our vapor steam cleaner can do for your establishment.  Our GreenSteam Machines can handle any cleaning problem within your busy commercial kitchen, freeing up staff, time and saving you money.

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GreenSteam machines are the ideal solution for Restaurants and Quick Service establishments. With vapor steam and NO Chemicals you can clean away grease and grime.  Get into small cracks and crevices where grease and dirt hide

  • Clean oven racks
  • floors and walls in walk-in coolers without emptying them
  • Safely clean walk-in freezers without removing food
  • Remove dirt, mold, and mildew from refrigerator gaskets
  • Clean and defrost refrigerator fins and coils
  • Effectively and easily cleans grease and dirt from gaskets and joints of restaurant appliances and tools (can opener blades, mixers)
  • Clean deep fryers
  • Clean walls of all types without leaving them wet
  • Safely and effectively cleans tile and grout
  • Clean salad bars, steam tables
  • Vapor steam will soften and remove grease and wax buildup from baseboards
  • Clean food storage bins and shelves
  • Remove grease build-up from stove/fryer hood, vents and fans
  • Clean, disinfect and sanitize high-traffic public restrooms – including sinks, toilet bowls, urinals and floors
  • Clean gum, dirt from tables, and chairs
  • Remove nicotine and tar residue (stains and odors)
  • Easily and effectively clean food prep workstations
  • Clean and sanitize food storage and serving areas
  • Clean windows, mirrors and display cases
  • Clean return air ducts
  • Clean, sanitize, disinfects countertops and cutting surfaces
  • Clean thresholds, door tracks, and entryways
  • Clean linoleum and tile floors Clean blinds and other windows treatments in place (you do not have to remove anything)

Give your customer a safe and clean restroom environment. One that is sanitized and disinfected with vapor steam.  You can smell the difference!

Cleaning ceramic tile flooring with vapor steam


For superior clean results than what you get from mopping, vapor steam wins hands down. Removes grease, reduce slipping, and no harsh cleaning chemicals or fumes. Very little water is used.


Vapor steam the faucet, rim of sink, drain to sanitize and disinfect


When you utilize the power of vapor steam, you can Improve the general appearance, while disinfecting and deodorizing surfaces. 


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